Best Cookie Press Reviews

Best Cookie Press Reviews

If you are an enthusiast of baking, then you will have to include a cookie press as one of your culinary tools. There are multiple alternatives to select, and although they may look the same, their features are unique to each one of them. As one common proverb states, “One man’s meat is another’s poison” , and that is the same with a cookie press. What suits you may not suit everyone.

This article offers you the tips that will guide you in purchasing a cookie press. We have also done an in-depth research and come up with the best cookie presses in the market shown below. We will offer the best cookie press reviews of the popular cookie presses. But lets first look at the things to consider when buying a cookie press.

Things to consider when buying a cookie press


If you intend to buy a cookie press, you have to get extra features and accessories from the purchase. The first step to take is to decide whether you need an electric press or a manual cookie press. The manual presses are simple to use, clean and maintain. The key benefit of the electric press is the fact that it is consistent which can be hard to achieve when using the manual press. The consistency of electric cookie presses will allow you to make wonderful cookies all the time. The manual cookie presses are simple to use and press even the dense dough.

You should also look out for the design of the handle. Handle designs are available in two styles: there is the plunger-style design that calls for a strong press in dispensing dough and the 360-degree turn handle. The plunger design is more straightforward than turning handles. If you’re into simplicity, the plunger design suits you perfectly.

Shaft capacity

You also have to decide on the shaft capacity. If you are in the baking profession, it implies that you manage a plethora of batches per day. Therefore it is wise to choose the bigger size cylinder when you are buying the cookie press. But if you want to transform baking into a kid fun activity, you will have to settle on one that has a smaller capacity.

Disks and attachments

When you have understood the fundamentals above, you can examine the features like the number of discs being provided. In the basic cookies, buy a press with simple disk selection and simple patterns. If you want to add some touch of personality, select the disks that have floral designs or other unique styles. If you would like to decorate your baked treats, select the cookie press that has nozzle attachments.

Rust resistance

When you are washing the cookie press, regardless of cleaning attempts you can never remove the moisture from the crevices and grooves on it, evidence of residual dampness will remain. It is because of this reason that you should choose a cookie press that has rust-proof material such as stainless steel and aluminum. On the same note, if you settle for a cookie press with a plastic shaft, ensure that it is free from BPA, keeping in mind that it will handle food.

Top 8 Best Cookie Press Reviews

1. OXO Cookie Press Good Grips

This cookie press has a big ergonomic lever that makes it comfortable when in use in spite of managing multiple subsequent batches. It also features the non-slip base which holds it in position when pushing the dough through it.

It is easy to come up with batches of fun and consistent cookies with the OXO good grips. Its big contoured lever provides a comfortable grip to users. Dissembling this cookie press is easy making it simple to load and clean.


-Has a comfortable design

– Its design features the best specifications

-The transparent cylinder assists in checking how much dough is left

-Provides an excellent cookie shape each time


-The two discs provide coherent results

2. Marcato Atlas Deluxe 8307RD Biscuit Maker

The unit of the Marcato Atlas Deluxe Biscuit Maker is almost wholly created using stainless steel and has aluminum discs, therefore forget about this cookie press rusting. It enables you to select the cookie size that you prefer by turning the knob. Thus, if you need to prepare a batch of about 25 large cookies or 40 tiny ones, you can quickly arrange that.Pros

-Allows you to choose the cookie size

-It has twenty aluminum discs

– Available with a warranty of ten years

-Disassembling is easy for cleaning


-Some parts are not rust-free

3. Marcato Atlas Classic Cookie press

This cookie press is a commercial-level press created using stainless steel. It has a durable material with a stylish finish, that can is resistant to scratches or dents. In case you are searching for a cooking press with high performance, the Marcato Atlas Classic outshines other similar cookie presses. Additionally, its ergonomic and lightweight design allows you to maneuver it with ease when in using it.You will have an easy time maintaining this cookie since all the parts are washable by hand, with soap and warm water softener; you quickly get rid of the residues without any compromise on performance or structure.


– It has a ten-year limited warranty

-Features 20 interchangeable disks

– Made of stainless therefore rust-resistant

– Easy operate and load


-Not safe for the dishwasher

4. Clear Gun Kit Cookie press

The Clear Gun Kit Cookie press as the name suggests is transparent allowing checking the amount of dough left. This press is ideal when you have a kid baking session since it makes it fun with the six tips for decorating to suit their needs and their strong plastic discs ideal for coming up with fun batches. Moreover, all the parts of this cookie press are detachable; hence you can clean it easily.


– It is made of BPA free material

-All parts are detachable

– Features 16 plastic discs

– It is easy to use


-Not dishwasher safe

5. Cuisinart Electric Cookie Press

Your cookies will be ready in a minute when using the Cuisinart electric cookie press. It features an ergonomic handle as well as a single-touch system of operation, enabling it to be easy to handle as well as pain-free. Because of its electric operation, cookies bake consistently with a perfect portion. Additionally, it has a transparent plastic tube. Therefore you will know if you should add more dough.Pros

-12 cookie discs made of stainless steel

– Easily creates excellent homemade cookies

-Quick-view, clear tube

-One-touch operation for a consistent and smooth flow


– Constant bending of the shaft

6. Kuhn Rikon Transparent Cookie Press

With a lot of pieces, the danger of losing stuff is imminent; however, Kuhn Rikon kept that in mind. The set has a storage box for holding everything. Kuhn Rikon’s cylinder is transparent, and this removes the guesswork from the picture. This may not sound important but knowing how much dough is left inside and checking for air pockets is of huge benefit.Pros

-see-through cylinder lets you keep track of the dough

-You can use the 6 decorating tips when frosting

– Detachable for cleaning

– Available with a storage box


-Its discs are not safe for the dishwasher

7. Wilton Comfort Grip

This cookie press costs half of the price of the other cookie prices in this article and offers an entire plastic press with an ergonomic, comfortable handle. This feature makes it ideal for baking bigger batches, and the 12 plastic discs create multiple shapes. The plastic material also makes it rust-resistant and durable.


-Available with 12 BPA-free discs

-Ergonomic, comfortable handle

-Extremely affordable

-Clear barrel assists to see the amount of dough left


-It is quite challenging to get the perfect cookie shape

8. Professional cookie press

This cookie press has a storage box for keeping all the stuff in place. It allows you to create cookies with ease. Moreover, the stainless steel discs maintain the shape of the cookies over and over. This press is also dishwasher-safe therefore easy to clean and fill.


-Dishwasher safe

– Easy to fill, clean and use

– Has a storage case

-stainless steel discs


– Maybe a bit costly


If you still have second thoughts about buying a cookie press, stop thinking! The above cookie presses are the ideal alternatives for coming up with beautiful and luscious cookies for family and friends. In case you are running a bakery and searching for effective cookie presses, the above cookie presses are your best options in the market. The guide above will also greatly assist you in making that key decision on which press to purchase.

You can rely on the durability and performance of the above cookie presses. They will offer you the desired results for a long haul. Select the sites offering the best cookie press reviews to allow you to select the right product available in the market. It does not matter if you are a professional baker or just an ordinary guy who likes making these tasty eatables, these cookie presses will offer you long-term benefit.